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Torquay, QLD 4655 Australia
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Dentist in Hervey Bay, Torquay, QLD

The brief descriptions below are designed to familiarize you with our staff's training, professional credentials and work experience.

Dr. Spike Jan, BDS

Spike, originally from Southern California, married the most beautiful Australian and moved to Australia. He received his training at the University of Adelaide Dental School, graduating in 1998.  After spending some time working in Rockhampton, he moved his family to Hervey Bay. Spike, father of six wonderful kids, has been the principal dentist at Hervey Bay Dental since he opened the surgery in 2000.

Senior Nurses


Katie is the friendliest dental nurse and person you'll ever meet.  Her high energy and her great attitude is infectious!  You simply cannot hold back a smile when she is around!  Katie always makes it a point to make patients feel welcome and comfortable.  Katie is also a qualified cosmetic tattooist, with dedication and artistic passion.


Ashleigh is one of the most pleasant dental nurses I have ever worked with.  Her caring nature coupled with her vast dental experience makes her a vital part of our team.  Ashleigh is a caring and knowledgeable dental assistant.  Ashleigh is currently studying Bachelor of Oral Health Therapy at Uni. 


Robbi, Dr Jan's oldest daughter, is a Certificate III Dental Nurse. Robbi is in and out of the office as she balances her studies in Dental Therapy and work. She has worked in a number of dental offices and is personable and funny. Robbi has a kind heart and is very easy to talk to.

Alli, another of Dr Jan's children, works in the office on a part time basis. She qualified as a Certificate III in Dental nurse while she did her year 12 studies. Alli is focusing her studies in the medical field and has a keen eye for detail and the care of patients.

Junior Nurse


Danni, another of Dr Jan's wonderful children.  Danni is currently working part-time doing her Certificate III in Dental nursing, while she is studying Year 11.  Danni is one of the most kind-hearted and energetic nurses within the field.  

Office Coordinator

Suzy is our front office coordinater. She has been working in the dental industry as a receptionist for years she would not like to admit. Suzy can help you with any scheduling questions and just about any costing concerns.